Quality Arts Programs with an Environmental Lens

Nature Consortium’s Youth Art Program (YAP) offers a unique blend of arts and environmental education for low-income youth in Seattle. Our classes foster discovery and creativity while connecting youth with the natural world in their neighborhoods and beyond. For some students, that means unleashing creativity they didn’t even know they had. For others, it means digging into the ground and holding an earthworm for the first time.

We employ professional teaching artists who are passionate about their work. From visual art to gardening to music, our quality out-of-school programs augment students’ education while also exposing them to artistic, environmental, and cultural experiences that enrich their lives — at absolutely no cost to them. Curriculum is designed to increase students’ artistic skill, advance their environmental awareness, foster positive identity, and increase social competence. 

Serving Low Income Youth in Greater Seattle

We strive to enrich communities by providing accessible arts programming where it’s needed most. Our two anchor locations are based in subsidized public housing communities in Rainier Vista and Yesler Terrace, but we also offer classes on a fee-for-service basis at community centers and libraries around King County.

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