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Nature Consortium’s Youth Art Program (YAP) enables some of King County’s most underserved youth to access quality out-of-school programs that augment their education, while also exposing them to artistic, environmental, and cultural experiences that enrich their lives — at absolutely no cost to them.  The program aims to increase participants’ artistic skill, advance participants’ environmental learning and awareness, foster positive identity, and increase social competence. Our two anchor locations are based in subsidized public housing communities in Rainier Vista and Yesler Terrace, but we also offer classes on a fee-for-service basis at community centers and libraries around King County.


Top 10 Skills Children Learn From the Arts

Read the full article by Lisa Phillips in The Washington Post.

  • 1. Creativity
  • 2. Confidence
  • 3. Problem Solving
  • 4. Perseverance
  • 5. Focus
  • 6. Non-Verbal Communication
  • 7. Receiving Constructive Feedback
  • 8. Collaboration
  • 9. Dedication
  • 10. Accountability

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