Cloud Cult - photo by Cody York

Cloud Cult – photo by Cody York

After a one-year hiatus, the Arts in Nature Festival returns to Camp Long on August 10-11 with indie rockers Cloud Cult to headline. The Festival is an eclectic, multidisciplinary experience of music, dance, interactive arts, and sound in the woods of Seattle’s only campground. Festival-goers can experience works ranging from jazz, classical, indie rock, bluegrass, contemporary dance, marching bands, fire & wandering performances, and interactive sound installations.

After playing a high-energy show at The Neptune on May 6, acclaimed eco-rockers Cloud Cult will return to Seattle for two intimate, acoustic shows at the Arts in Nature Festival. Each set will take place in front of the fireplace in Camp Long’s rustic lodge.

Cloud Cult, who traveled their first American tour in a van covered in solar panels, is well known for their earthy, environmental vibe. Lead singer Craig and Connie Minowa founded Earthology, an environmental nonprofit that includes an advocacy wing called Earthology Institute and the green-powered Earthology Records which houses all of the band’s productions.

In addition to Cloud Cult, there will be a wide array of modern and traditional music at the Arts in Nature Festival ranging from experimental and improvised to world, classical, jazz, bluegrass and folk.  Performances will be ambient and acoustic in four different venues throughout the park: in the Lodge, in a forested grove by the Pond, on the climbing Glacier, and in the Meadow. 

Camp Long’s rustic cabins will house the Museum of Sound where artists will take up residency for the weekend creating multidisciplinary installations that blend sound, auditory arts, music and visual arts. The cabins meander through the forested outer perimeter of the park, and festival goers will have the opportunity to enter and explore each cabin. Most of the cabins will have a hands-on component allowing attendees to interact with the artists’ work.

Dance performances and literary readings will present in various locations throughout the park. Festival goers will also be able to participate in art activities, a ropes challenge course, knitting and fiber arts, hikes through the forest, and naturalist activities.

One unique thing that Arts in Nature attendees will notice is that, aside from delicious local food, there will be no large booths of vendors trying to sell them anything. The Festival experience is one centered on interaction rather than transaction.

Admission to the Arts in Nature Festival is free with suggested donation; $10 for individuals and $25 for families. The Festival is an annual event hosted by Nature Consortium, a West Seattle-based nonprofit that connects people, arts, and nature.

The full lineup of the festival is to be announced. For more information, visit