Quality Arts Programs with an Environmental Lens

Nature Consortium strives to enrich communities by providing access, exposure, and opportunity to quality arts programming where it’s needed most. We believe that everyone should have access to creative expression, a healthy environment, and pathways to excellence.

Nature Consortium’s EcoARTS Program offers a unique blend of arts and environmental education for youth and adults in King County. Our classes foster discovery and creativity while connecting students with the natural world. For some students, that means unleashing creativity they didn’t even know they had. For others, it means digging into the ground and holding an earthworm for the first time.

The EcoARTS Program offers lessons inspired by, made from, or created in nature.

We employ professional teaching artists who are passionate about their work. From visual art to gardening to music, our quality public and in-school programs augment student learning and expose them to artistic, environmental, and cultural experiences that enrich their lives. Nature Consortium’s EcoARTS curriculum is designed to increase students’ artistic skill, advance their environmental awareness, foster positive identity, and increase social competence.

Earth Project at Pathfinder K-8 School – Led by teaching artist Tara Migliore, each student at Pathfinder engages in grade-appropriate lessons about healthy food, gardening, nature, and art. Students learn to grow, harvest, and cook organic food in the Pathfinder garden.

Eco Arts at Interagency Academy – This program augments the school’s limited resources by providing high-quality arts programming after school. High school students at Interagency Academy earn school credit while learning about art through an ecological and social justice perspective and developing a portfolio. View Registration Form

EcoARTS Encounters

Bring EcoARTS to your site or venue! We offer one-time and ongoing art programming for youth and adults throughout King County. Click here to view our course catalog.

This program is supported by 4Culture