Nature Consortium art classes at Seattle Public Libraries

Free Art Classes at Your Local Seattle Public Library

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Seattle Public Libraries offering free art classes for kids and families. Now until May, Nature Consortium will be at a different library branch every Sunday from 2-3:30pm with a nature-themed art project. Check out the full schedule below.  Date Location Activity Jan. 6 Columbia Nature flags Jan. 13 High Point Animal puppets Jan. 27 Madrona Nature flags Feb. 3 NewHolly Leaf masks Feb. 10 Fremont Animal puppets Feb. 24 South Park Nature flags March 3 Queen Anne Animal puppets March 10 Chinatown Animal puppets March 17 University Nature flags March 24…

Wind Turbines

Resolutions for Sustainability

2013 is officially here, and it could shape up to be a big year for sustainability. Here are a few things we hope to see in the environmental movement this year.  Energy 2013 could be the year of renewable energy. The new fiscal cliff deal temporarily extends tax credits that expired on January 1 for wind production companies, leaving time for legislators and clean energy lobbyists to work out a more long-lasting energy deal. InsideClimate News predicts that this year will see new legislation to benefit clean energy companies and create more green jobs. And with the price of solar panels going down, more homeowners and…


The End of the World is Just the Beginning

I know of a few people who are probably staked out in bunkers right now surrounded by cans of food in preparation for the end of the world. What started out as a joke in the 1960s book The Maya has turned into a doomsday hoax of cosmic proportions. Scientists have repeated debunked myths about today’s supposed galactic alignment, sudden shifts in the magnetic field, and even the timing of the Mayan calendar itself. It’s not the end of anything, but it may indeed be the beginning of something new. And with this new era coinciding with the winter solstice and the coming new…


This Weekend: DIY Art Shows for All Ages

Shop Local Punk Rock Flea MarketSaturday, December 8Noon-8pm  At this twice yearly event in Belltown, you’ll find handmade, DIY, and found vintage treasures. There’s sure to be plenty of men’s and women’s vintage clothes and accessories, plus handmade jewelry and art. Bring your own bag for shopping and a dollar for admission. While you’re in the neighborhood, also check out the DIY Holiday Fair less than a mile away. More info Nature Consortium Art MartThursday, December 136-9pm  Not technically this weekend, but we couldn’t help but mention. Stop by our gallery during West Seattle Art Walk for handmade ceramics, jewelry, and…


Reteaching Thanksgiving

How can we teach and celebrate Thanksgiving in a multicultural society? For many people in the U.S., Thanksgiving is a time to visit family, eat large amounts of food, and reflect on things we are thankful for in our lives. Many others are celebrating their first Thanksgivings as youth or recent immigrants to the country. What do we teach them about what this holiday means? In addition to being a day of gratitude, Thanksgiving also carries a deep, complex history. We learn the story of Thanksgiving though school, television, and media. Some art projects ask young students to don feathers and…


Rainy Storms Pump Sewage Into Puget Sound

It’s raining in Seattle. (Surprise!) In fact, it’s pouring. Forecasters are predicting up to 2 inches of rain today, and it won’t be stopping anytime soon. So where does all that water go? Big storms like these increase the chances of sewage overflowing into Puget Sound, thanks to Seattle’s combined sewer system. According to Seattle Public Utilities, about two-thirds of the city uses combined or partially combined sewer system, meaning that both stormwater from the streets and wastewater from our homes go through the same pipes. On a normal day, the combined water goes to a treatment plant to be cleaned of…


We Put the “Party” in “Work Party”

Nature Consortium will once again celebrate Dow Constantine’s birthday by restoring his favorite park. Join us on Thursday, November 15, 10am-2pm at College Street Ravine in West Seattle for a Nature Consortium-style birthday party complete with live music by Dan Pearson. Dow Constantine is a West Seattle local who got involved in politics through his environmental work with the Friends of the College Street Ravine many years ago. Before becoming King County Executive, Dow worked with his local community to save the 5 acre green space from threats of development. It’s a story that we at Nature Consortium can relate…


Meet Lindsay, Our Favorite Foodie

As you may know, we had been searching around for the perfect Development Coordinator to join our team. When we met Lindsay von Marbod last summer, we knew we had a winner. Lindsay is a West Seattleite with a background in art and a passion for youth development. She’s the newest member of our full-time staff and has been working on some great fundraising and development projects lately, including planning NatureC’s 15th birthday bash. She’s taken great care to get to know our donors and form relationships with local businesses and sponsors. In addition to her hard work, Lindsay is…

monarch. oleana

Call For Artists! Feature Your Work At Art Walk

Nature Consortium is now accepting applications for the 2013 West Seattle Art Walk. Closing date for applications is Dec 17, 2012. Applicants will be notified of approval by January 3, 2013 at the latest. Details We are looking for artists that are local to Western Washington and interested in promoting their own show.  Nature Consortium does not take a percentage of sales but asks that you promote/invite your own community to come and learn about Nature Consortium. Artists handle all of their own contacts and sales. In the past having two or even three artists show together has been successful….


3 Tips to Help Native Plants Thrive In Your Garden

It’s planting season again, and it’s great time to start adding native plants to your garden. Plants that are native to Western Washington will survive best in our climate without watering, pesticides, or fertilizers. Plus they make the best habitat and food for our native wildlife. Here’s a list of some of our favorite native plants for gardening, plus a few tips for success. A Few Of Our Favorites Western red cedar – These trees stay green all year round and repel most pests. Salmonberry – A good substitute for invasive blackberry patches, salmonberries taste similar to blackberries and ripen…

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