GiveBIG for Nature Consortium

Are you looking for a way to give back and support Nature Consortium? GiveBIG is a city-wide day of online charitable giving hosted by The Seattle Foundation to inspire Seattlites to give to the nonprofits that make our city great. When you give to Nature Consortium on May 15, your dollars will be partially matched! How Does GiveBIG Work? Every donation made between midnight and midnight on May 15, 2013 will be partially matched by the Seattle Foundation’s “stretch pool.” The amount of the “stretch” depends on the size of the stretch pool and how much is raised in total donations on GiveBIG day….


Nature Consortium supports EPOC

Nature Consortium is proud to support the new Seattle chapter of Environmental Professionals of Color. EPOC, a program of the Center for Diversity and the Environment, is a national leadership network for and by people of color (POC) working in the environmental industry. It provides support, opportunities to grow and develop as leaders, and tools for people of color to be effective change agents. Some History People of color are highly underrepresented in the environmental movement. All over the country there are people like Fred Tutman, who works to protect the Patuxent River and found out that he was the only African…


Deep Roots: Our Heartfelt Thanks

It’s officially one week after our first ever Deep Roots benefit bash, and we’re still glowing from all the excitement. Deep Roots has been our biggest, most fun, and most successful fundraiser ever. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make it a wonderful evening. This year’s fundraiser brought a lot of new things for us: a new beautiful venue, our first year with an emcee, a photo booth, a great silent auction, a Raise the Paddle, and our first time hosting an evening event rather than a Sunday brunch. We also broke our record for the amount of…


Carla Moreno Joins Nature Consortium

[Guest post by Carla, the newest member of the Nature Consortium family.] Hi everyone, my name is Carla Moreno and I’m the new Arts Education Director here at Nature Consortium. I graduated with a Master’s in Music Education from the University of North Texas and taught in the public school systems for 13 years. I was born in New Orleans and raised in Houston. I relocated to Seattle in 2007 and absolutely love it here!  I enjoy backpacking, kayaking, and reading a good adventure book. Some of my favorite authors are Jane Goodall, Kira Salak, and Cheryl Strayed. I’ve done…


Volunteer During Earth Month

Restore habitat during Earth Month 2013 Earth Month is coming! Spend this April restoring vital habitat in Seattle’s biggest forest. Volunteer to get rid of invasive plants, fight pollution, and meet new friends. With volunteer events three days a week, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Plus special perks! Special Earth Day Event April 20th In celebration of Earth Day, join Nature Consortium and Earthcorps for a special volunteer event called Duwamish Alive. In addition to regular volunteer activities, Nature Consortium will also bring you live music performances, live painters, one fun art activity, and tons of all-ages fun. We’re aiming to have 500 volunteers on…


STEM Schools: Where’s the Art? One Student Speaks Out

STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, is greatly considered the way of the future as both government and industry turn to these fields to help tackle problems like climate change, urban density, and health care. STEM schools like Cleveland High School on Seattle’s Beacon Hill are designed to prepare students for these jobs.  As the U.S. increases focus on STEM schools, arts advocates fear that arts education will be lost. Though art itself may not help solve climate change, advocates argue that the skills and creativity that students learn from the arts exactly what’s needed to develop…


To Make the Dream a Reality, Act Now

When NatureC staff came back to the office after our MLK Weekend of Service, we were beaming with happiness. We spent Saturday and Monday in the greenbelt removing invasive plants, installing native trees and shrubs, and mulching with nearly 200 volunteers in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  View Photos Thanks From Our Volunteers “I’m ecstatic about all the little kids I’m seeing in the volunteer photos for events today. Thank you parents for instilling civic responsibility and care for the earth in your little ones!” “Thank you to every volunteer. I appreciate your efforts so much. You have made…

Nature Consortium art classes at Seattle Public Libraries

Free Art Classes at Your Local Seattle Public Library

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Seattle Public Libraries offering free art classes for kids and families. Now until May, Nature Consortium will be at a different library branch every Sunday from 2-3:30pm with a nature-themed art project. Check out the full schedule below.  Date Location Activity Jan. 6 Columbia Nature flags Jan. 13 High Point Animal puppets Jan. 27 Madrona Nature flags Feb. 3 NewHolly Leaf masks Feb. 10 Fremont Animal puppets Feb. 24 South Park Nature flags March 3 Queen Anne Animal puppets March 10 Chinatown Animal puppets March 17 University Nature flags March 24…

Wind Turbines

Resolutions for Sustainability

2013 is officially here, and it could shape up to be a big year for sustainability. Here are a few things we hope to see in the environmental movement this year.  Energy 2013 could be the year of renewable energy. The new fiscal cliff deal temporarily extends tax credits that expired on January 1 for wind production companies, leaving time for legislators and clean energy lobbyists to work out a more long-lasting energy deal. InsideClimate News predicts that this year will see new legislation to benefit clean energy companies and create more green jobs. And with the price of solar panels going down, more homeowners and…


The End of the World is Just the Beginning

I know of a few people who are probably staked out in bunkers right now surrounded by cans of food in preparation for the end of the world. What started out as a joke in the 1960s book The Maya has turned into a doomsday hoax of cosmic proportions. Scientists have repeated debunked myths about today’s supposed galactic alignment, sudden shifts in the magnetic field, and even the timing of the Mayan calendar itself. It’s not the end of anything, but it may indeed be the beginning of something new. And with this new era coinciding with the winter solstice and the coming new…

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