Nature Consortium will be attending all four days of Northwest FolkLife 2017 next week, leading attendees through the process of making a collaborative art project using recycled and repurposed materials. In creating the Salmon Eco-Sculpture together in the festival’s Discovery Zone, attendees will explore creative reuse of old materials, connect nature and art, and think critically about environmental sustainability and eco-arts. Our goal is to encourage participants to explore and experience eco-art with critical thinking, environmental awareness and conceptual skills.

imageedit_3_9201097041Following the event, the sculpture will be on display at Camp Long until the Arts in Nature Festival on August 26-27.

Nature Consortium, a program of the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA), is a grassroots and community-based organization to connect people, arts and nature. We foster a journey of environmental discovery for people to find their individual passion, gain empowerment and take action toward the natural world. Our programs include Eco-ARTs, Urban Forest Restoration, and the Arts in Nature Festival. At Nature Consortium, we believe that our duties are to live simple and be stewards to our local natural environment. We strive to enrich communities by providing access, exposure, and opportunity to quality arts programming where it’s needed most.

eco-salmonLearn more about our EcoARTs program here and visit Nature Consortium at Northwest FolkLife 2017 on May 26-29 at the Seattle Center.