Meet the wonderful people who make up the Nature Consortium team, including staff, interns, crew leads and teaching artists.


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Caroline Borsenik, Restoration Program Manager

Caroline journeyed to Washington from the Midwest in 2013. She began her time in the Pacific Northwest as an environmental educator for the YMCA on Orcas Island. Since then she has been involved in the environmental restoration field, working for the Washington Conservation Corps for two years where she learned about PNW ecology and restoration techniques. Her background involves riparian, forested, shoreline and wetland project sites around King County. In her spare time Caroline enjoys hiking, watching hockey, and playing on a Seattle women’s lacrosse team in the spring. She has also recently earned a professional certificate in Wetland Science and Management from the University of Washington.

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Ben Antonius, Restoration Program Assistant

Ben started with Nature Consortium in 2015 as a volunteer and later crew leader. He worked as a journalist in California until 2010, when he moved to Seattle to pursue a career in conservation and environmental education. Since then, Ben has worked on restoration projects at Magnuson Park and in the Union Bay Natural Area and spent one summer looking for sage grouse in the Oregon desert. He believes in the power of ecological restoration to connect people to their environment and build a legacy of stewardship for the future. He loves cycling and backpacking, and he thinks the rain is pretty great.

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Yeggy Michael, Art Program Manager & Festival Director

Yeggy is an award-winning public artist whose work can be seen throughout the Seattle area. Armed with metal, stone, glass and a green approach to his work, Yeggy often uses mosaic in public art to illustrate unity and diversity. His vision is to provoke questions about natural cycles, provide a sense of place and to reflect on the movement of time. Yeggy believes that public art needs to reflect the community, the culture and the people who live in it, especially in communities that are underserved. It’s not just about beauty – it’s an expression of the moment and the people.

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David Bestock, Executive Director

David serves as Executive Director of the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA), which now proudly powers Nature Consortium as part of the DNDA family. David was previously Director of DNDA’s Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, where Nature Consortium’s offices have been for the last 10 years. He is thrilled to be part of Nature Consortium’s continuing legacy, and in growing ongoing arts and restoration programming as well as the Arts In Nature Festival. Before joining DNDA, David worked at World Arts Access supporting a youth-driven FM radio station in Sana’a, Yemen. He worked at the Northwest School in HR and as a PE teacher and coach, at UW’s College of Arts and Sciences in development, and at the Metrocenter YMCA leading high school environmental service learning groups.

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Lauren Kelm

Lauren grew up on the East Coast and got her degree in environmental science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. In 2016 she ventured across the country and settled in Seattle to explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She started her environmental career working as a crew member in the Washington Conservation Corps where she learned about local ecology and restoration techniques. With this internship, Lauren hopes that she can connect further with the local community while learning about how non-profits operate. In her spare time Lauren loves to walk around the city, explore the forests, and practice photography

 khang bio

Khang Nguyen

Born and raised in Seattle, Khang received an Environmental Science and Resource Management degree from the University of Washington in his own backyard. He hopes to gain hands-on experience with DNDA/Nature Consortium by educating youth and learning the ins and outs of how a non-profit organization operates. He’s excited to inspire others to make a difference in their local community, all while having fun. Khang plans to study for his GRE and apply to graduate school to pursue a masters in the field of environmental sustainability. During his free time, he enjoys longboarding, disc golfing, and, of course, hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

 Crew Leads

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Luke Dow

Luke earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Geology from the University of Utah and his Master’s of Science in Forestry/Remote Sensing from the University of Washington. Luke currently works in remote sensing, but hopes to apply his environmental experience to urban ecosystem restoration to ensure green spaces for future generations. In his spare time, Luke enjoys playing music, collecting fossils, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.


Tim Jaureguy

Tim Jaureguy

Tim has served as a volunteer and crew lead with Nature Consortium since 2011. Tim’s work experience encompasses leadership positions in environmental education and organized camping. Tim earned his Bachelor’s of Science from Lewis & Clark College and his Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology at Cal State Hayward. Tim is a stay at home parent for his two sons and actively supports their schools both as a classroom volunteer and parent council chair. Tim’s favorite recreational pursuits include trail running, backcountry hiking and fishing. He looks forward to continuing the efforts to help restoring Seattle’s forests.

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Greg Waggoner

Greg has been a Nature Consortium crew lead since early 2015. Originally from Las Vegas, he moved to Seattle to obtain an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from Seattle University. The Pacific Northwest’s lush vegetation and engaged communities have since inspired Greg to pursue a career in environmental restoration and education, believing that connecting urban populations with natural areas improves both environmental and communal health. In his free time, Greg likes to volunteer, play basketball, hike, cook, read, watch Korean TV, and support his wife.

 Teaching Artists


Chloe Allred

Chloe is a painter, print-maker, and illustrator that lives in the Seattle area. She graduated summa cum laude from Cornish College of the Arts in 2013 and is a McMillen Foundation Scholar. She will be pursuing a masters degree in painting in 2015. Chloe is particularly interested in how we relate to the body. She creates work that focuses on redefining beauty ideals and eliminating body shame.



Aramis Hamer

When I think of my artwork, I’m reminded of a colorful world that can only be found in dreams. The basic themes found in my work are strong color contrasts, exaggerated subject matter and drip techniques where I try to stretch the boundaries of surrealism. Music is definitely one of my main inspirations. Songs are like stories and while listening to the lyrics, an image forms in my mind inspiring the next piece. Utilizing house hold tools, such as a grout spreader, creates texture that mimics sound waves in music. I love to incorporate spray paint related to my admiration of street art. Integrating imagery of my people and urban landscapes reflects the environment in which I was raised. Recently my work has seen a transition from technical and deliberate portraits to a more free form and loose aesthetic. By releasing control, I am able to embrace the natural flow of the paint allowing it to fall where it may. My work continues to evolve and develop; I welcome you to join me on this journey.


 Taryn Dance teacher

Taryn McGovern

Taryn was born in the forests of New Hampshire and raised on oxygen and imagination. She holds a joint degree in dance from Barnard College and the Danish National School for the Performing Arts, and has a professional background in outdoor education. Taryn has spent several years traveling, studying, and living internationally and throughout the U.S.; at the moment she is savoring the PNW for its big mountains, cold waters, tall rocks, and good arts. Taryn likes to make dances in non-traditional spaces, such as on a raft in a harbor, on the beach, on an abandoned house platform, in a bunker… she also draws inspiration from plants, rock concerts, meditation, and rock climbing. She wants to be the first artist-in-residence in space.

 hallie bio

Hallie Scott

Hallie is a teacher, choreographer, visual artist, and environmental activist. Using dance, film, print-making, carving, set design, costume design, and story telling, she creates work in many mediums. She is a founding member of Au Collective, a Seattle non-profit dance activist organization that centers the voices of people of color, queer people, womxn and femmes. Au Collective has been produced by some of Seattle’s most prestigious arts institutions such as the On The Boards, Seattle Art Museum, Washington Hall, and Pacific Northwest Ballet. Hallie has lived and worked as an artist in Seattle since 2008, and graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in Dance, International Studies, and History in 2013. She worked in the environmental field for three years focusing on public outreach and rebate programs centered on storm water pollution, energy conservation, and waste management. Hallie has presented her own art work at galleries and festivals including SAM ReMIX at the Olympic Sculpture Park, Strictly Seattle, NEPO 5K, The Artery, and the Georgetown Carnival.

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Kimisha Turner

Kimisha is a multimedia artist based in Seattle. A graduate of Cornish College of the Arts, her art reflects and celebrates the observation of life experiences, diversity and consciousness. She is heavily influenced by nature and the abundance of artists and mediums used around her, while relishing in the notion of re-invention with every show. The running theme in most of her work is the process of life, which reflects in the different layers and mediums she chooses at any given time. She is in awe of the miracles in life and lives to create beauty, awareness and empowerment with her work.



Emily Taibleson

Emily studies the relationship between the micro and the macro, mythology and legend, architecture and ecology through painting, sculpture, performance, and writing. She is an explorer, a traveler and a collector of stories. Emily supports her practice by facilitating large scale collaborative art installations with the intention of building accountability to the land to to each other through urban beautification and community engagement. She works for numerous arts programs in the Pacific Northwest and beyond to bring equal access to the arts and their healing powers. She has a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. She is at home in the mountains and at sea.




Jim Knodle

Jim has been a member of the free jazz group Holus Bolus, and a founding member of Circular Cowboys and Inside Out. He has recorded or performed with Andrew Hill, Caroline Kraabel, Dina Blade, Jonathan Edwards, Lynette Westendorf, Michael Vlatkovich, Paul Rucker, Rob Blakeslee, Robin Holcomb, Sue Ann Harkey, Vinnie Golia and Wayne Horvitz. He has two CDs in national release: “Wending” and “Unprepared,” with Dave Storrs; and the self-released CD “Keeping the Devil Out.” His compositions have been performed in concerts by the Open Music Workshop, the Earshot Jazz Festival, Marzena Arts’ Spring Festival of Contemporary Music, Portland’s Creative Music Guild, the Dumaurier Jazz Festival, Seattle Composers’ Salon, Tacoma New Music, Tone Action Orchestra, the Composers and Improvisers Workshop, and the Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble. He current performs with Big Crinkly Trio and Sidewinder.

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Benson Smith

Benson is 59 and has played music since he was 11. He is currently a clarinetist with the Steering Committee, Mighty Tiny, the Seattle Hand Drummers, and the Klez Kids. He also operates the Junk Chime — and has a day job.



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Amy Denio

Amy is a member of Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame, a multi-instrumentalist (alto sax, clarinet, accordion, guitar, bass) with a four-octave vocal range, and has produced over 50 recordings solo and in collaboration with artists worldwide. She runs her own recording studio and record label, Spoot Music. Her music has been heard at Carnegie Hall, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and in front of 40,000 people on New Year’s Eve in Naples, Italy. She co-founded Tone Dogs, The Entropics, her all-women sax quartet The Tiptons (1988-present) and joined Bosnian folk metal band Kultur Shock in 1999. Amy has played concerts and taught musical workshops in clubs, squats, prisons, churches, sanctuaries, subways, and abandoned buildings on six continents.


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