Derek Ormerod - President

I am an outdoors person who was drawn to the Northwest years ago by the beauty of this place and the friendly, easy-going nature of the people. Since that time I’ve tromped all over the area and love the fact that right here in our fair city are a number of large forests where you can literally get lost in the middle of city. I’m excited to be working with the Nature Consortium to help restore the largest urban forest in Seattle. I’m also excited to participate in the amazing arts program that incorporates environmental aspects at every turn, as it seems important to me that all kids are exposed to the great outdoors. I also live down the block from the Nature C office and one of the main restoration sites and am happy to be helping out in the local community (and walk there while doing it!).


Angie Connell - Vice President

I am excited that such a great organization exists in my backyard, and I can spend time doing some feel good community work! I do enjoy my corporate job and I love reading the news and thinking about concepts I learned while getting my MBA, but it is a deeply gratifying experience to feel connected to the dirt. In my free time I love to go on winter hikes, watch modern dance performances, try really hard to practice Buddhism, and obsess about being a better West Coast Swing Dancer. I take so much enjoyment from nature, and I am grateful to be able to give some of that back through this work. I love that I don’t have to choose between people or arts or nature. Bringing these together is brilliant and allows me to feel great about where I’m spending my time.

Kira ChaSecretary

I recently moved to Seattle and while looking for ways to get involved in the community, I found Nature Consortium. I felt drawn to its story and mission of tying art and nature to the community. The people of NatureC are building the kind of environment they want to live in and helping contribute to the conservation and growth of my new home is a movement I’m proud to be a part of. I’ve had so many enriching experiences in my time in Seattle and strengthening its future through education, culture and environmental stewardship through the Nature Consortium ensures that it will be just as wonderful for future Seattlites: exploring the city will continue to be an adventure and surprise!

Casey Dougherty - Treasurer

We don’t succeed or fail on our own and as good citizens we have an obligation to give back to the communities that support us. Seattle has supported me throughout my life and as an attorney, MBA, financial planner, and a principal at a local securities broker/dealer, I am deeply grateful. By fostering healthy and environmentally aware communities, supporting local artists, and enriching natural areas, the Nature Consortium’s goals align with my own. When I’m not on my sailboat, hiking, biking or otherwise enjoying the Pacific Northwest, look for me at a forest restoration project. I am happy to be a part of such a dynamic part of our community.

Judy CashmanBoard Member

9 years board member; 14+ volunteering with the Nature Consortium. I have nothing but the utmost enthusiasm and respect for this group – it’s the reason I have stayed with it so long! I am a nurse, currently working in the UW’s Dept. of Environmental Health & Safety. It feels so good to be a part of something that is making an impact, not only on our Duwamish greenbelt & forest restoration, but also touching the lives of kids in our community, and harnessing the talent of our local artists! Please note: the excellent Annual Arts-in-Nature + Music fest (that started the whole thing rolling in 1998!) is a must-experience event in mid-August! I hope I see you there!

Todd Erskine - Board Member

As an active member of the Seattle non-profit community, I was exposed to literally 100’s of organizations. But Nature Consortium stuck out. There just isn’t another organization out there doing as good a job of integrating grassroots conservation work with local community building. By inviting people together to celebrate nature and the arts, Nature Consortium creates a community of enthusiasts and advocates more powerful than the sum of its parts: A group of empowered citizens passionately committed to preserving urban forest and supporting the creative spirit of the arts. I’m excited to bring my skills and experience to the Nature Consortium board, and look forward to where this organization is going. During the day, I work in sales excellence at Microsoft. Outside the office, I’m addicted to the wide variety of al fresco diversions this area offers. Depending on the season, on my days off you’ll find me stand up paddleboarding, fly fishing, hiking, or volunteering at a conservation work party.

Emily Knudsen - Board Member

My day job is dedicated to improving the social and environmental performance of companies, which is very rewarding. But I wanted to do more to help out locally and become more active in community building. Nature Consortium couldn’t be a better fit. The work the organization is doing to connect people to art, nature and each other adds so much to this community. Through building those connections, we are reminded of the tremendous value that art and nature provide us. Also, I feel it’s my duty to give back to this place that has done so much for me. When I’m not hard at work or volunteering my time, you’ll probably find me in a coffee shop with a book or gorging on sustainable sushi.


Rob LaRubbio – Board Member

It was in 2008 while I was working for an online retail company, when I realized how disconnected I had become. Software development work can be sterile; driving to an office, sitting in a cubicle and communicating through email are all activities that segregate us from other people and our environments. I lived in Seattle, but I wasn’t a Seattleite. It was then I decided that I wanted to get involved in my community, connect with my city, its land and its people. I couldn’t have found an organization more aligned with what I wanted and needed, and a better group of people to connect with.

Chelsey Roney - Board Member

As a newcomer to the Pacific Northwest, I have become enthralled with the beauty of the environment here. I was excited to find Nature Consortium; an organization that supports the conservation of the Puget Sound area. I hope that Nature Consortium’s efforts to connect people arts and nature will allow future generations to explore and enjoy the same natural beauty we do now. In my free time, you can find me outdoors jogging or hiking with my dog. I enjoy spending my time in the great outdoors with people I love.  


Andrea Long – Board Member

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I am inspired by NatureC’s mission and the evolving role it plays in our community. Nature, art, and personal interactions add a vibrancy that enriches our daily lives – a chance to see and experience the world differently. I believe that NatureC offers a harmonious balance of these, and am excited to serve on the Board!

 Andrea Long

Nicholas Smith – Board Member

After experiencing years of benefits from Nature Consortium’s contribution to the community, I am honored to serve this group and help with its truly unique mission.  I’m excited because this is the group that opened my eyes to the fact that without a healthy natural environment, artistic expression is squelched.  NC exposes more and more people to my own favorite activity: performing and enjoying outdoor music and art, rain or shine, in this paradise of ours.  I’ve learned in my technical career that, in this technologically developed and industrialized region, we need to pay close attention to maintain this connection.