Nature Consortium is a grassroots, community-based organization whose mission is to connect people, arts and nature. We produce a Youth Art Program, an Urban Forest Restoration Program and the Arts in Nature Festival.

“It all started with a shirt.”

In an exclusive interview with our friends at earthbongo, NatureC director Nancy Whitlock tells how she got the idea to bring her community together around arts and nature. Read more…

Long-term Vision

Nature Consortium creates opportunities for people to connect to themselves, to each other, their community and the natural world. We foster a journey of discovery for people to find their individual passion, empowerment and action. We believe that by creating awareness, individuals will change their behavior in interacting with the world.

Core Values

  • Connecting art and nature: We continually raise awareness of and explore the relationship between art and nature.
  • Taking care of our people: We fairly compensate our staff, always pay artists, and appreciate and nourish all those involved with the organization.
  • Building community: We build community by engaging people through our activities and programs.
  • Modeling sustainable behavior: We strive to practice environmentally responsible behavior in all that we do.
  • Increasing accessibility: We create new ways to experience art and the environment together.
  • Continued learning: We will continue learning and provide opportunities for others to learn.
  • Having fun!: We aim to accomplish our mission through fun and enjoyable activities.


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